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Most remarkable temples of Bali

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple or Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’ is 1000 years old and sits on the southwestern slopes of Mount Agung. Besakih is an artistic and unique complex that comprises at least 86 temples. It is the biggest and the holiest of the island's temples. The best visiting time is in the early morning or in the evening as the complex is much quieter during these hours. The official guides are easily identifiable with their symmetrically patterned traditional Batik shirts.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Denpasar. The temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide. The temple is one of the seven sea temples around the Balinese coast and it could be seen in high or low tide. At low tide, you may cross to view the rock base where the legendary ‘guardian’ sea snakes dwell in crevices around the Tirta Pabersihan fountain. This natural spout is the source of holy water for all the temples in the area.

luwatu temple

luwatu temple is one of the six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars. It is located on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 meters above sea level. Here is one of the top places on the island to go to for sunset delights, with direct views overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean and daily Kecak dance performances.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. This temple is used for offerings ceremony to the Balinese water, lake and river goddess Dewi Danu, due to the importance of Lake Bratan as a main source of irrigation in central Bali. The whole Bedugul area is actually a favorite cool upland weekend and holiday retreat for locals and island visitors alike from the southern and urban areas, as it is strategically located, connecting the island’s north and south.

Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant cave is an archaeological site of significant historical value. Located on the cool western edge of Bedugul Village, six kilometers out of central Ubud, you do not need more than an hour to descend to its relic-filled courtyard and view the rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools and fountains.

Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul (Holy Spring) is aHindu Balinese water temple. It consists of bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, used from Balinese Hindus for ritual purification.